While the Lunar New Year Festival is marking the beginning of a new year, the Qingming aka Spring Festival marks the beginning of a new growth cycle in nature. The resurrection of new life from death!

Easter is just one of the festivals that celebrate the beginning of spring and…

Why the rise of China to superpower status is good?

Why China doesn´t want to be America?

Playing with fire

What is a superpower? Most people would say a country reached this status once it can project power globally, has cultural influence over other cultures and dominates large parts of…

Knowledge is Power

Everyone who is interested in China and its history knows that for Chinese (for East Asians in general) education and traditional values are among the most important things in life.

Deeply ingrained in Asian societies the positive attitude to rigorous education is reflected in many Chinese sayings…

Why do so many Chinese travel to Trier on the river Moselle? What makes this ancient Roman city a sought-after destination for many politically interested Chinese? And why does China give this city a several meters high statue?

a Status of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Unexpected guests

For almost hundred years, China has been one of the great and now the only great communist country on earth. And surely by far the most successful country dedicated to the teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

It should be clear that such influence of both men…

Future with tradition

Few things are as Chinese as bamboo. Few things seem more mystical to Westerners than a bamboo forest. And few plants are as useful as bamboo.

Bamboo Forest in China

Which plant do you know that can be used as building material, furniture and in the kitchen?

Bamboo is nothing special…

Masks- one of the most essential products of 2020

Why China’s successes in the fight against Corona have little to do with communism and much with tradition.

How can it be that in many, too many countries in the West, a virus that is far less aggressive than Sars or Ebola is causing such a shock? The real economy…

Bustling Beijing

Long-term German Expat in China. PHD in History. Deep understanding of Chinese Culture. Commentate current Affairs and question the western Stereotype of China.

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